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Instructors are often certain that their students are absorbing and retaining the information presented in class—until the papers roll in. In many cases, the student has mastered class objectives, but struggles to communicate that knowledge because they haven’t developed a grasp of precise writing or APA Style.

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Academic Writer exists to bridge that gap.

Its authoritative teaching tools dovetail with advanced writing and content management technology to provide a robust, cloud-based suite of instructional resources. Quick guides, tutorials, sample papers, and other tools help students to learn APA Style, organize their research, then write with clarity to convey their thoughts—helping them to succeed not only in your class, but across the rest of their academic career.

Academic Writer is designed for seamless integration.

Academic Writer integrates into all major learning management systems, such as Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, and Moodle through LTI integration, making access and grading easy. APA’s Customer Engagement team offers walkthrough support to help you integrate Academic Writer with your LMS, align platform content with your syllabus, and make the most of Academic Writer’s features to enrich instruction.

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