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Research. References. Specific style guidelines. Academic writing is complicated, and getting it right is vital for success. If you need help learning how to put together a great academic paper or honing your existing writing skills, Academic Writer is the solution.


How Academic Writer can help you.

Strong writing skills are essential for a positive learning experience. Academic Writer is designed to let you work at your own pace, with touchpoints at every opportunity that offer up examples and other support to ensure success. Its lessons, templates and other tools provide a wraparound learning experience that produces high-quality academic papers while also boosting your confidence in your ability to write and communicate.

Academic Writer has all the resources you need to improve your writing skills.

Academic Writer is the whole package. Tap into the interactive guides and tutorials in our Learning Center to cement a strong foundation. Get the reference help you need from the Reference Center’s extensive library of unique, step-by-step forms. Then dig into your project in the Writing Center, where there are guardrails to make sure you stay on point.

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Instructional tools show how APA Style works and how to create well-sourced, accurately referenced papers every time. Self-help and study sections help you hone your skills quickly.

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Proper referencing is at the core of APA Style. Features including Reference Tagging and Annotated Bibliography support quick and accurate reference creation and use during the writing process.

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No more stopping and starting to find a new citation. Academic Writer has all the tools to allow for reference creation, storage, and deployment while you're writing, making that process easier and quicker.

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