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Seeing “must be written in APA Style” on a writing assignment can cause worry, but with American Psychological Association’s Academic Writer that worry can turn into confidence. With more than 122,000 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants, and students as members, this is a community that knows how hard writing can be but Academic Writer is here to make it better.

APA Style has been around for a while; since 1929, to be exact. Its goal is to provide a foundation for effective scholarly writing that focuses on clear, precise, and inclusive presentation. When you’re just getting started it can seem like a lot—all the ways to reference research materials, for one. The end result of writing with APA Style is worth it: writing that enables readers to focus on what’s being said instead of how it’s being presented and to take away the ideas being discussed and the points being made.

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Strong writing skills are essential for a positive learning experience. Academic Writer is designed to let students work at their own pace, with built-in examples at every opportunity that offer up examples and other support to ensure success. Its lessons, templates, and other tools provide a wraparound learning experience that produces high-quality academic papers while also boosting users’ confidence in their ability to write and communicate.

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